This important question comes up all the time, but usually it’s an afterthought when you are designing a print piece, creating a new web page, developing a mobile friendly website or even writing a blog post. It’s important to recognize how asking questions about your audience, will impact the final marketing piece you are developing.

Next time you sit down and start to develop a marketing piece start with these questions…

  • Who are your audience groups? Are there primary audience groups and secondary audience groups? What priority level are you assigning to these audience groups?
  • What do you know about each of your audience groups? Do you understand their demographics, interest in your topic, and level of knowledge of the topic?
  • If this regards a website, are they casual, repeat, or potential new visitors?

Image credit: jscreationzs

Once you answer these questions it will help to dictate:

  • The voice of the marketing piece – how friendly or formal your tone is
  • The type of language used – technical terms or everyday language
  • The format of the delivery – letter, brochure, email, phone call

This will get you started, but if you need help through this process, the Integrated Marketing Team is here to help. Our team can help you determine the right voice for your marketing campaign, create marketing pieces to create consistency in your campaign and develop a plan to see your campaign through. Let us know how we can help you meet your goals!