At our recent monthly blogger user group meeting, Dawn Bott reminded us that our second anniversary of blogging was approaching. Instead of celebrating with a huge campaign for the “Blogger of the Year” like we did last year, we are celebrating with a reflective post.

About two and a half years ago, the DECO blog’s concept was just a glimmer in Bobbie Laur and my eyes. And now, we have:

While our blog topics vary greatly, we took a look at what posts have been most popular. Here are some of the most popular posts on the blog since our start in 2009.

So, you’re probably wondering… what do we have planned for our third year? The most exciting part of year three is the addition of several new bloggers.

  • Tim Brooks will take a look at cutting edge technology that everyone is curious about.
  • Kelsey Beckett will be blogging away about community engagement activity that is happening at Towson University.
  • Ashley Buzzeo will focus on how the use of GIS is impacting how the state of Maryland does business.
  • And Jenn Lake will provide an interesting perspective on everything marketing.

Here’s to year two. Happy blogging!