First of all, you may be thinking to yourself, “What is a featured project?” A featured project is defined as an example of an organization’s work that demonstrates the quality and nature of the organization’s deliverables to potential clients. In other words, featured projects help your organization to communicate its value. Your organization can use the following social media and email marketing tools to get the eyes of the public onto its featured projects:

1.    Blog About It
Blogging may be the best way to get your featured project in front of your potential client’s eyes. Blogs are very visual. You can add pictures, videos, and links so that your potential clients can really get a visual grasp of featured projects. Blogging can allow the client to see the value in your product/service for themselves. Towson University’s Center for GIS recently wrote a blog post about a featured project, the “Maryland Stronger Together Map”.

Photo credit: Renjith Krishnan

2.    Tweet It
Twitter for business is often underestimated. Twitter can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. Be sure that you are following and @mentioning major players in your industry. If your tweets are relevant to Twitter audiences (e.g.  a featured project that ties in industry best practices),  they may be re-tweeted, resulting in increased exposure.

3.    Spotlight It
Lastly, you can leverage your company’s email newsletter to advertise your expertise.  Another idea is to put your featured project in the spotlight by including a link or graphic within company emails. This gives you the opportunity to show off part of your portfolio in a non-obtrusive way.

Anyone who works in sales or marketing knows that it’s essential to show potential clients the value of products and services. Featured projects can assist your organization in communicating value to potential clients, and the above mentioned social media tactics can help you to gain views on your featured projects.

One important tip to remember is to stay current, this means routinely swapping out your featured projects with more recent examples.

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