This entry marks my first blog post for  I am a student intern with the DECO Data Center and plan on focusing my blog posts on student issues in the IT field and highlighting technologies I think are going to change the way we live, work, and socialize.  For my first post, I thought it would be best to explain my untraditional path to the world of IT.

I knew growing up that I had an interest in technology; I believe the first website that I created was in sixth or seventh grade, my parents fostered this idea and encouraged me to interact with computers. My formal training started in high school, during my junior year. I attended Thomas Edison High School of Technology’s Network Operations program, in which I earned CompTIA’s A+ and Network+ certifications. Senior year in high school marked my first job in technology, I was the “on-site” technician at a small computer shop that went into homes and small businesses to provide computer/network support. In addition, I also sold computers and accessories to the general public. After high school, my academic and professional interests really split.

While attending college, I found psychology to be enthralling—after all that is what colleges were trying to accomplish with the “general education” classes.  At the same time, I found a new job as a Helpdesk technician with the City of Gaithersburg. This was my first true foray into the world of Information Technology. My job included not only the support and installation of computer hardware, but also physical wiring and special police applications. I spent a little over two years doing this, gaining a lot of valuable experience along the way. I spent days combing through inventory and trashing old equipment. While not glamorous, or particularly interesting, I kept the mindset of “paying my dues.” As time passed, and new interns were hired, my responsibilities increased, as did my skills. I was able to transition inventory and disposal duties to others, while picking up more of the troubleshooting and server duties.

Now, here I sit, a senior psychology major graduating this summer and an intern at the DECO Data Center. My current job duties include desktop support, developing an inventory method that is easy to manage, and learning about different server technologies such as virtualization and clustering. Working in technology means a promise to never stop learning; technology evolves too rapidly to be complacent.

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