Being past the “traditional age student” point in my life, I am able to keep in touch with what is going on at the TU campus through student interns.  But what’s more important than me gaining knowledge is that RESI-ISS and other DECO groups are able to keep a direct link to the University, a lesson that proves to be very rewarding for everyone involved.

The interns I have personally managed for the past few years participate in the State Department of Assessment and Taxations (SDAT) Banner Advertising Program.  Since the entire program is run by an intern, SDAT is able to offer advertising on their site.  This experience provides the following benefits:

  • the State of Maryland receives income generated by a State website;
  • TowsonUniversity obtains exposure via a State website;
  • RESI-ISS provides an additional way to service our Client;
  • and most importantly, the intern gains a real-world work experience.

I also feel the benefits of working with student interns.  Overseeing student interns has encouraged me to think “outside the box”.  The students are able to turn the theories they are learning into real world experiences by simply crossing the street and coming to work.  As students, interns are able to look at each problem as a challenge and each challenge as an opportunity—a concept I find very refreshing.  I love it when interns come to me with an idea that they have formulated on their own.   What’s even better is witnessing the moment an intern has put the idea into action.  That type of personal growth cannot be measured in credits or dollars.

I feel very fortunate to help mentor and be a part of interns’ development as both students and future employees.  Working with these students over the years has made me remember some of my early work experiences and how the right mentor can make all the difference.  I want to make a difference in my interns’ lives as they graduate and move on to very successful careers. My biggest hope is that I have been able to teach them as much as they have taught me.

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