issvirtulizationOrganic, Recyclable, Environmentally Friendly—These terms are saturating us everywhere we go from the Grocery Store to the Car Lot.  The “Green Movement” is changing the way we live and do business.  My area of focus, Information Technology (IT), is tapping into this green IT movement because it is not only environmental conscious but also highly marketable and ‘wallet friendly’.

Faced with a shrinking budget and a struggling economy, many companies are investing less and less into IT.  As a result, these companies are looking for smarter and more creative ways to make sound IT investments to meet ever-changing business demands.  One technology that is bridging the gap between business needs, financial budget crunches, and ‘green’ objectives is server virtualization.


What is Server Virtualization? It allows multiple virtual machines of similar or dissimilar operating systems to share the hardware resources of a common physical server platform.   Today, most physical servers are so robust and powerful that many of these servers do not utilize processor and memory resources to maximum potentials.

This is a centralized view of a virtual data center using VMware’s vCenter.  Virtual Machines and VMware Hosts are managed exclusively from this console view.

This is a centralized view of a virtual data center using VMware’s vCenter. Virtual Machines and VMware Hosts are managed exclusively from this console view.

How can Server Virtualization help your business? According to VMware, most physical server operations utilize only 5 – 15% of the available hardware resources.  This means:

  • Hardware resources go unused,
  • Physical server sprawl is out of control,
  • Energy consumption is high,
  • Expensive to maintain the environment

Server virtualization allows companies to utilize the untapped resources of physical servers while minimizing the need for purchasing additional servers, reducing energy costs, and decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the data center operations by retiring outdated servers.  Essentially, organizations can save money and help the environment by investing in a virtual server infrastructure.

The Solution! A variety of IT vendors offer enterprise virtualization products such as VMware with its Virtual Infrastructure and vSphere products and Microsoft with its Hyper-V product.  These vendors have incorporated other value-added product enhancements into virtualization technology that include centralized management, high availability, disaster recovery, business continuity, and security tools.   Virtualization along with its integrated enhancements help support the overall day-to-day business and IT functions of an organization

RESI-ISS at Towson University made the leap into using virtualization and has experienced many of the advantages that virtualization has to offer.  As an application hosting provider, RESI-ISS has the extra benefit of offering additional services to clients by leveraging virtualization technology with a variety of other Information Technology services.  Several clients along with RESI-ISS itself depend almost exclusively on virtualization technology to support the day-to-day IT operations and services!

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